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The top Formula One race cars of all time

Formula One season is in top gear

Formula One is rated as one of the highest-class races for single-seater automobiles.The championship run by the FIA and owned by the Formula One group was started in 1950.  When racers took to the track in these exciting new vehicles and race courses around the world.  The name “formula” is a reference to the set of rules that govern the driver’s cars.
Today it is one of the biggest worldwide motorsports events and consists of a series of races on different types of tracks around the world.
Over the years we have seen some of the top drivers pit their skills against each other on the various purpose-built race tracks.  Each year has seen companies like McLaren, Renault, Benetton, Ferrari, Mercedes and more introduce a new engineering marvel to the race.These one-seater machines purpose-built to handle the track like it was on rails with the speed to top the charts have thrilled both driver and audience alike.

The top Formula One race cars of all time



Once owned by the Benetton Family who started their Formula One association by sponsoring first Tyrrell in 1983, then 1984 went on to sponsor Alfa Romeo and Toleman in 1985. At the end of 1985, Benetton bought the Toleman team and so the Benetton car was formed.  The car at first was made with BMW engines, then Ford, Renault and the final car were built was Playlife engines.
Benetton went on to have twenty-seven career victories from its Formula One participation between 1985 to 2001. Nineteen of these victories were won by the iconic Michael Schumacher, who also won the teams two Drivers Championships.
The team was sold to Renault in 2000 on the 16th March, the car raced with the Benetton name until 2002 when it became Renault F1 team.


McLaren MP4/2

This car was raced by two of the most famous names in Formula One racing namely Niki Lauda who won the title in 1984. Then by Alain Prost who claimed his first two championship victories in it in 1985 and again in 1986.
The McLaren MP4/2 is the only car that raced for more than a single season from 1984 to 1986.  This car was the first car on the grid in 1984 to have carbon brakes and a larger fuel tank than the other cars.  This gave it the edge over the other cars allowing for longer racing time and breaking the record in 1984 for the most wins of the season.
Twelve races were won between Alain Prost and Niki Lauda in that year with Niki Lauda beating Alain Prost by only half a point.  Making that season one of the closest championship races in the history of Formula One. The car still remains one of the most successful ones ever built in the history of Formula One with the car scoring 327.5 points and winning 22 Grand Prix’s over its three-year racing span.